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Live Your Truth
Fitness Coaching

For women 40+

Look & feel your best now!

Aerobics Class

The TRUTH about Fitness After 40 

For decades, women have bought into the myth that after 40, we just have to accept weight gain, fatigue, strength loss, and feelings of "blah".  The truth is, it just takes a few tweaks to your fitness and fueling to optimize your changing hormones and get results you can see and feel!   Get stronger, build bone density, improve your heart health, decrease risk of disease & injury, reduce your pre- and post-menopausal symptoms.  and elevate your energy by working with me.



Hi! I'm Shannon.

As a personal trainer & coach for over 25 years, I can say with 100% certainty, women who workout regularly are happier and have a higher level of life satisfaction.  (Psst - medical studies back me up on this fact!)  And it’s not just because you look better, which you will, but because you feel better… in every way.   Whether you need help starting a new fitness program or tweaking your current one to get more out of it, I can help.  

Are you ready to feel better...FOREVER?


Why working with me WORKS:

RELATABLE!  Having a trainer that "gets you" is key to your success.  I’m 50 - I've been through it all and helped thousands of woman just like you get fit & feel stronger than ever!

SIMPLE.  Train with me to take the guesswork out of working out.   You don't necessarily need to train more, you just need to train smart.

PERSONALIZED.  Personal training that is specifically adjusted to meet your needs, not cram you into a "one size fits all" routine.

FUN!  When you love what you’re doing, you do more of it!

ACCOUNTABILITY.  We are a team and I’m here for you 100% of the way during your sessions and beyond

Work with Me

30 min personal training session

For busy women that want to maximize their time, this quick and effective full body workout is created just for you! 

45 min personal training session

A slightly longer workout is perfect for women that want to level up and get more one-on-one time  to smash your fitness goals!  

Small group personal training session

45 min

Working out with other women can add another layer of fun and accountability to your fitness program!  Groups are 2-5 people.  You can join an existing group or create your own fitness posse!

Small group personal training session

60 min

Power Hour of working out with women who share similar fitness goals.  This gives us plenty of time to discuss health & wellness related topics such as nutrition, sleep, stress management and more.

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