Updated: Sep 9

The #1 misconception for women 40+?

“I can’t find time to workout”.

If you’ve ever uttered these words, I have some sad news. You will never “find” time. You have 24 hours in a day - Period. You have to make the conscious decision to create a block of time to prioritize your fitness and health. The misconception that somehow you'll "find" it, is

You schedule meetings at work, you plan happy hour with friends, you commit to volunteering hours for your charity. You put it on your calendar. Otherwise it wouldn’t happen, right?

If you are struggling to create a window of time to workout, you must:

👉 Determine your exact workout plan (run 3 miles , full body strength training, take a group ex class, follow a YouTube yoga video, etc)

👉 Put it on your calendar

👉 Make it a no-brainer by preparing your clothes, accessories (music, water bottle), post-workout nutrition, ahead of time.

👉 Commit to making it a priority, not an “if I can”. Having an accountability partner can really help - a coach, friend, spouse, coworker.

Creating new healthy habits is a process, not an overnight success. Need a little help? Check out more of my motivational tips on the Live Your Truth Women Instagram page.

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F.I.T. stands for Fierce Intentional Transformation. To be fierce, means to show a heartfelt and powerful intensity. A fierce woman fights for what she wants. She does not play small nor deprioritize her desires out of fear or doubt. An intentional woman takes action that leads her closer to her goals. And a Live Your Truth woman seeks transformation not because she is broken, but because she seeks to explore her limitless potential and takes every opportunity to create her best self. ⁠

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One of the most important pillars of my Live Your Truth Women coaching, is relationships. And the most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself!

Listen to my recent conversation on Clubhouse about the difference between Self-Love and Self-Confidence. It's important to understand that these two qualities are often independent of each other. However, when we take the time to explore our current thoughts and behaviors, we can learn to boost both self-love and self-confidence independently and to intertwine them to amplify our purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

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