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10 Exercises in 10 Minutes Workout Video

Welcome to Live Your Truth Women!  I'm your Fitness Coach, Shannon.  I'm a "lifer".  Meaning, I've been training clients for over 28 years and one of the major roadblocks for maintaining a consistent exercise program is not being able to "find enough time".  

I'm here to help!  


In just 10 min you get a full body workout that will increase your strength, balance, and agility.  And bonus - just 10 minutes of exercises is enough to boost your mood for up to 12 hours!  

This free video requires minimal equipment so you can do it anywhere, anytime!  Follow along and please be sure to DM me or email me with any questions you have!

Individual Exercise Videos
Plie Squat-4.png

For a detailed explanation of each exercise, click on the exercise icons below